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Photo Gallery – Our First Cohort

We ran this programme over three days.

Our first session was delivered on Monday 1st Aug 16, Tuesday 2nd Aug 16 and Wednesday  3rd  of Aug 16.

Photo Gallery – Our Second Cohort

Our second session was delivered on Wednesday 31st Aug 16, Thursday 1st Sep 16 and Friday 2nd Sep 16.

Photo Gallery – Achievement Award

On 22nd October we presented Achievement award to all the participants of the PILOT programme.

  • The PILOT Achievement Awards


If you are interested and want to join The PILOT programme please fill out the booking form from the upcoming events page.

Up Coming Event on Monday the 20th of February.

Time: 10.00 am to 1.00 pm – Venue: Alphareach Learning center.

231 Bradford Road Batley. WF17 6JL

Workshop 1. Workshop 2.
Time management.

The aim is to:
Describe the concept of time.
Discuss effective ways of managing time.
Analyse the meaning of Al-Asr.
Examine priorities personal to the participants.
Develop personal time matrix of daily, weekly and monthly schedule factoring study time

Caring for the elderly.

This session aims to:
Create awareness for the needs of the an elderly. – Physical, emotional and social.
Participants will consider different ways elderly person can be cared for. Explore the benefits of caring for the elderly person to the young person.
Islamic perspective.
Encourage young people to take positive action with caring for an elderly or a sick relative.