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Empowering young people with the skills necessary for the challenges of modern life. Click here to download the leaflet

With the increasing dissatisfaction of young people and conflicting self-identity within the Muslim community, we believe there is a need for an organisation to guide young people through a challenging time in their lives to achieve their potential.

One of the key factors resulting in the current situation has been the information and technological revolutions creating a world where information is now instantly accessible. However, this means that facts and opinions can often get muddled up with each other causing confusion or misguidance. For this reason, a critical analysis approach is essential to make sense of conflicting information and empower young people to make decisions in a responsible manner.

To help young people achieve this, we are setting up the PILOT programme, part of the FairMind social enterprise, to understand a critical analysis approach in an engaging and interactive way. In addition to a packed programme over 3 days in August with a variety of sessions, young people will be given guidance for self-directed volunteering, sporting and reading projects.

The PILOT programme itself will help young people build confidence in first aid, public speaking, conflict resolution and much more, with the key themes of critical thinking, problem solving and social responsibility running throughout. Upon completion, those who have taken part would also receive a certificate which would enhance their cv or personal statement for university.