This agreement is made between the PILOT programme from FairMind Ltd;
here in referred to as PILOT and:
You ________________________________________________________________________
(Parent/Guardian) of the participant. OR the participant if over 18;
here in referred to as You.
Your child ________________________________________ (Ref:_______________________)
Your financial contribution: The sessions are free to attend though we encourage you to make a small donation either with your time or financial for maintenance and promotion of the PILOT programme.

(A). Our Obligations

1. We will endeavour to facilitate taught modules as advertised in a safe environment.
2. We will provide a list of volunteering activities and sporting activities for the participants, however participants must make their own arrangements if the activities we provide are unsuitable.
3. We will provide members with the reflective log book to complete.
4. We will give a certificate of achievement to the participants upon attending all three days, and completing the required activities and filling in the reflective log book.
5. We will ensure all are facilitators are DBS checked.

(B). Your Obligations

1. To complete the registration and consent form.
2. To ensure attendance to the sessions is punctual.
3. To ensure attendance to the activities undertaken is punctual.
4. To inform the PILOT programme manager of any absence.
5. To notify PILOT programme manager of any changes in address, contact numbers, dietary requirements or medical conditions.
6. To receive the certificate of achievement you must ensure that all three sessions of the programme are attended fully and the recommended activities are completed by due dates as well as the reflective log book.

(C). Contingencies

1. PILOT will do its utmost to provide all arrangements as confirmed but reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any activities or other arrangements with an hours’ notice subject to operational conditions or any other unforeseen circumstance.
2. Although all reasonable precautions are taken by PILOT programme and its facilitators, PILOT shall not be liable for any injury, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned by any unforeseen circumstances.
3. Participants are responsible for their personal property at all times. The PILOT programme facilitators or FairMind are not responsible for loss or damage of any property.
4. Any personal information requested on the enrolment form, consent form, induction form and feedback form shall be used to improve and promote our services.
5. We may take photos and videos of activities to improve and promote our services through various medium including internet.
(D). Cancellation Policy
1. In the event due to unforeseen circumstance we have to cancel all of our sessions we shall provide you with a full refund if any payment has been made towards the course.
2. In the event we have to cancel part of our session we shall refund you pro rata for any payment made towards the course.
3. In the event you have to cancel the booked sessions we shall refund you in full provided you give us one week’s advanced notice.
4. In the event you cancel less than a week before the scheduled sessions no refund is made available.
(E). Variation and Termination

1. The terms of this agreement may only be varied by further signed written agreement.
2. The PILOT programme from FairMind Ltd reserves the right to summarily terminate this agreement in the event of it concluding the participant’s behaviour to be unacceptable to the PILOT programme.
3. Parents and Guardians may terminate their agreement with PILOT programme from FairMind Ltd upon one week’s advance notice.

(The PILOT programme from Fairmind Ltd)