The PILOT programme event for young people 12 to 19 years.

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Date and Time Final booking date     1st session               2nd session         
13th April 10 am till 1.00 pm 11th April 19 Budgeting Basics Sharing Knowledge and skill
20th May 2.00 pm till 4.00 pm 10th May 19 Anger Management Concerned Consumer

Venue: Alphareach Learning center. 144 Bradford Road. Dewsbury. WF13 1AH

Time Management

The aim:

Describe the concept of time.
Discuss effective ways of managing time.
Analyse the meaning of Al-Asr.
Examine priorities personal to the participants.
Develop personal time matrix of daily, weekly and monthly schedule factoring study time

Caring for the elderly

This session aims to:
Create awareness for the needs of the an elderly person. – Physical, emotional and social.
Participants will consider different ways elderly person can be cared for. Explore the benefits of caring for the elderly person to the young person.
Islamic perspective.
Encourage young people to take positive action with caring for an elderly relative.

Budgeting Basics

The session raises questions on:
What is budgeting? 
Why budget?
How to budget? setting up personal budget to adjusting with your changing circumstance.
Develop personal budget matrix.

There will be an opportunity to discuss bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards, loans and interests.

Sharing knowledge or skill

This session aims to:
Explore the benefits of sharing their knowledge or skill.
Islamic perspective.
Participants will be given 5 minutes to share any idea or skill they have.
Encourage young people to take positive action with regards to sharing their knowledge or skill.

Anger Management

The session aims to:

Show strategies on controlling anger such as relaxation, improving communication skills, diffusing situation, problem solving, cognitive restructuring and using humor. 

Concerned Consumer

This session aims to:
Discuss and debate how food is grown and cattle raised.
Organic vs. Conventional Farming.
Animal welfare.
The effect on health an environment of using chemicals & pesticides.

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